The Revd Dr. Lizette Larson-Miller
Huron Lawson Chair,
Huron University College
Anglican Church of Canada

Members of Steering Committee (2015-2018)
The Revd Christopher Irvine
Church of England

The Rev. Alan Rufli
Church of Ireland

The Revd Nak-Hyon (Joseph) Joo
The Anglican Church of Korea

The Rev. Dane Courtney
Anglican Church of Australia

The Revd Keith Griffiths
Anglican church of Southern Africa

The Revd Cynthia Botha
Anglican Church of Southern Africa

IALC Network Coordinator
The Revd Neil Vigers
ACO Programme Executive,
Unity, Faith and Order

The Rev. Walter Knowles
Episcopal Church of the US

Graduate Assistant (2016-2017)
Mr. Andrew Rampton
MDiv/MA candidate
Huron University College
Anglican Church of Canada

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