Montreal 2015


Montreal 2015


Here you will find conference information as well as background resources for our Montreal meeting.

To learn about the local Anglican Church, visit Anglican Diocese of Montreal and The Anglican Church of Canada.



It will be particularly helpful, in light of the topic of reconciliation, to explore The Anglican Church of Canada’s website to learn about this Church’s walk with Indigenous peoples in Canada, the history of the Indian Residential Schools, the Church’s Apology, and journey toward healing and reconciliation. IMG_1221

IALC2013 Dublin introduced a new set of questions and foci to the IALC’s concentration, since 2007, on pastoral liturgy: healing, ministry with the sick, and reconciliation (in terms of private and of corporate confession, as well as touching on the context of reconciliation of peoples). It was decided at Dublin to continue to work on the theme of reconciliation, picking up from and developing the work done in plenary and in small group conversations. Please be sure to consult, in detail, the materials under the IALC2013 Dublin Resources pages.

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