The International Anglican Liturgical Consultation (IALC) is the official network for liturgy of the Anglican Communion.

In addition to the information listed on the introductory page, the current guidelines as voted in by the IALC membership at the 2015 Montreal Consultation are linked here, and they provide for the governance, membership, and operation of the Consultation. They are significantly different from the guidelines  which were adopted at the 2011 Consultation in Berkeley, CA, as many of the procedures of the Anglican Communion Office and other of the instruments of communion have changed in the past fifteen years. Those guidelines are provided for historical interest. More information can be found under the individual tabs, and in ongoing updates on this webpage, particularly current information for the upcoming Leuven meeting.

The Montreal Guidelines (2015)     (These are the current form of the IALC Guidelines)

The Berkeley Guidelines (2001)