The Berkeley Guidelines (2001)

The Berkeley Guidelines (2001)

The following were adopted at the Berkeley, California, meeting of the IALC in 2001

The International Anglican Liturgical Consultation

  1. The International Anglican Liturgical Consultations (IALCs) are the official network for liturgy of the Anglican Communion, recognized by the ACC and the Primates’ Meeting, and holding first responsibility in the Communion to resource and communicate about liturgy on a communion-wide basis. Historically, the Consultations developed as Anglicans met alongside the congress of the international and ecumenical society Societas Liturgica. The Consultations are held at least every four years, and each Consultation appoints a steering committee in accordance with the guidelines that follow to hold responsibility for arrangements between those meetings.
  2. Attendance at an IALC shall consist of:
    1. those whom Provinces and Regional Churches choose to nominate and send;
    2. Anglican members of Societas Liturgica;
    3. members of provincial liturgical commissions;
    4. others whom the steering committee may invite.
  3. The business of the IALCs shall be directed by the steering committee and should include (but not be limited to):
    1. items or themes determined by the steering committee;
    2. matters referred by the ACC or the Primates’ meeting;
    3. matters referred by particular Provinces or Regional Churches.

    The IALCs and the steering committee shall normally proceed by consensus.

    1. The steering committee may arrange other meetings between Consultations as required or appropriate. Such meetings do not have the standing of Consultations, do not qualify for IALC bursary grants to participants, have no power to issue statements as though from a Consultation in the name of IALC, and have no power to change these Guidelines or to instruct or appoint the steering committee. Provinces and regions shall be given due notice of such meetings.
    2. IALCs are empowered to respond to matters referred by the ACC, the Primates’ meeting, and the Provinces and Regions.

    Procedures for an IALC shall include:

    1. The steering committee shall notify each province or region of the date of the Consultation at least one year in advance.;
    2. The steering committee shall arrange for a summary of relevant work done at any prior meeting to be circulated in advance. Additional papers may be solicited in advance by the steering committee
    3. The responsibilities of the steering committee shall include:
      1. planning IALCs and any other meetings.;
      2. responding to matters referred by the ACC, the Primates’ meeting, or Provinces or Regions that cannot wait until the next IALC.
      3. preparing a budget for its own work, and for IALCs and preparatory meetings and submitting a financial report to each IALC.

    The steering committee should normally meet yearly.

    1. The steering committee shall consist of:
      1. two members elected at an IALC for a term of one Consultation;
      2. two members elected at successive IALCs for terms of two Consultations;
      3. one liaison person appointed by the Primates’ Meeting.
    2. This committee will elect from its own number a chairperson.
    3. The ACC-appointed Coordinator participates fully in the work of the steering committee and normally serves as its Secretary.

    The procedure for electing the steering committee shall be:

    1. A nominating group of three people shall be elected at each IALC. Agreement to serve on this group shall disqualify a person from being nominated to the steering committee.
    2. The nominating group shall invite nominations for membership in the steering committee and then present three names to the IALC for election. It shall take into account the diversity of regions and traditions of the Anglican Communion, as well as practical considerations.
    3. The IALC will have the right to make further nominations and will conduct a direct election.
    4. At each election the person obtaining the most votes shall be elected for two Consultations and the others for one Consultation.
    5. If a vacancy occurs, the steering committee shall appoint a person to fill the office until the next IALC.

    The Consultation adopted these guidelines by vote.

    27 August 2001